Screening and Visitor Guidelines

Screenings at Entry Points

To help keep our patients and employees healthy by reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19, we are screening all patients and visitors coming into our medical offices.  Masks are still required in healthcare settingsThis helps to keep our vulnerable patients safe.  Thank you for your cooperation.

At the entrances of our facilities, we require patients and visitors to wear a mask and sanitize their hands. If you come with your own mask, we will ask you to wear the one we provide unless you’re wearing a clean, uncontaminated surgical mask. When you leave, you can put your own mask back on, or continue to use the one we provided. If you are wearing gloves, we will ask you to remove them for the duration of your visit, and then sanitize your hands.

Visitor Policy

In order to maintain appropriate social distancing, we ask that you refrain from bringing visitors to your appointment unless absolutely necessary. We appreciate your cooperation.

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