Dr. Masooma Rehmtulla

Saint Vincent Hospital

Bachelor of Surgery: 
Maharashtra Institute of Medical Education and Research

As the child of a dermatologist and a pediatrician, Dr. Masooma Rehmtulla couldn’t help but learn about the medical field when growing up. “As a young girl I grew up listening to conversations at the dinner table about medicine. My parents discussed how they helped their patients each day and that was very inspiring to me,” she explains. “That helped me make the decision to pursue medicine and become a physician.”

After graduating from her Internal Medicine residency, Dr. Rehmtulla practiced as a primary care physician for four years. “As a primary care physician, I had an opportunity to manage chronic as well as acute medical issues. Taking care of the urgent care needs of my patients was highly gratifying for me, and hence I decided to shift my focus and leverage my expertise towards an urgent care position in an out-patient setting.”

Dr. Rehmtulla began treating patients at ReadyMED, Reliant’s urgent care clinic, in 2019. “I think you can have one encounter with a patient and have a good relationship. You may or may not see them again, but that good rapport you established at the first visit is still really important.”

When she is not busy helping patients Dr. Rehmtulla enjoys getting out and traveling the world. “I absolutely have wanderlust,” she explains. In the past year, my husband and I have traveled to many beautiful places. “I love to explore different cultures and cuisines.”

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