Dr. Robert Hansen

Medical Education:

New Jersey Medical School


University of Massachusetts

Originally from New Jersey, Dr. Robert Hansen says that he has been in Massachusetts long enough to become a Red Sox fan but not long enough to have an accent. After studying chemical engineering at WPI, he found that field really wasn’t his cup of tea. “I found I missed the interaction with people,” he explains. “So, I decided to apply to medical school and have been enjoying medicine ever since.”

Dr. Hansen spent most of his career working in emergency medicine before coming to Reliant. One of the reasons he enjoys working at ReadyMED now is that he can have an immediate effect on his patients. “I like the fact that you can fix things like cuts and scrapes, sore throats and minor broken bones here. At ReadyMED Plus we have a lot of great technology including a CT scanner, ultrasound and a lab to help diagnose patients, so we can handle a lot of different problems here. It also helps patients avoid going to the emergency room for care.”

One thing that Dr. Hansen likes to do when he is with a patient is avoid confusing medical jargon. “I have taken my parents to the doctor and after hearing an explanation they have asked me, ‘what did he just say?’ So, I always try to explain things in simple terms that people can understand. That really makes it easier for everyone involved.”

When he is not seeing patients at ReadyMED, Dr. Hansen enjoys being with his wife and family. He has a real passion for physical fitness and has turned his garage at home into a dedicated gym. He enjoys participating in a sport called the Tactical Games, which combines athletic contests and target shooting.

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