Maria Chafoya, NP

Medical Education:

Walden University

Anna Maria College

A graduate of Walden University, Maria started her career as an LPN and later became a registered nurse and then a nurse practitioner.

Maria decided to become an advanced practitioner because she wanted to continue learning and provide a higher level of care to her patients, including skills such as suturing. After spending so much time studying to be a caregiver, Maria has developed an interest in teaching. “Later in life I would love to teach nursing students in a classroom setting or out in the field,” she explains. “I would also like to do some medical mission trips someday.”

Maria says that her biggest area of expertise is acute care. “I have enjoyed the fast pace of acute care, treating many different patients with a variety of problems,” she explains. “I love coming into work and caring for a wide range of issues, from a common cold to someone needing inpatient care. What I like the most about being an advanced practitioner is helping people feel better. Knowing that I can help others and being able to care for them really makes me happy.”

In her spare time Maria loves spending time with her family and friends, especially her nephews. “I love outdoor activities whether it is the beach or hiking with my dog Harold,” she explains. “I also enjoy playing soccer and traveling with my sister, cousins, or girlfriends to different countries. There is so much to explore in the world!”

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