Marissa Zingg, FNP

Medical Education:

Rivier University

Northeastern University

Marissa started her career as a nurse, working in a medical intensive care unit. As a nurse at the bedside, she realized the impact of education and communication on patient care outcomes. “I wanted the opportunity to enhance my patient’s understanding of their health as well as become an active member in their outpatient care,” she explains.

Now Marissa works at ReadyMED, which provides an array of walk-in care services for patients. “ReadyMED offered me a great opportunity to see a diverse patient population with a wide variety of concerns,” she explains. “I love taking on new challenges.”

Marissa says her ultimate goal is to make her patient’s feel empowered about their health and help them improve it when they need to. “I want every patient to have a better understanding of their condition and their prognosis as well as feel like they are an active participant in their care.”

When she is not busy helping patients, Marissa enjoys staying active. She is an avid runner who also loves skiing, photography and creating – whether it’s sewing or refinishing an old piece of furniture. She also enjoys taking care of her two cats.

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