Idah Shayo, NP

Medical Education: UMass Medical School

Nurse Practitioner

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts and Fitchburg State College, Idah has assisted patients in a variety of settings during her career, including the cardiac floor of a hospital and also in the mental health field. Idah became an advanced practitioner because she loves working with people and using her knowledge and experience to help them. In her spare time, Idah enjoys traveling and experiencing other cultures. She especially likes to cook different cuisines from around the world.

Rachel Berkowitz, NP

Medical Education: Regis College

Nurse Practitioner

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts/Amherst and Regis College, Rachel Berkowitz finds her role as a Nurse Practitioner very fulfilling. “I enjoy getting to know people on a personal level, working with others, and learning new things, and being a Nurse Practitioner allows me to do that,” she explains. “It is truly a privilege to do this job.” Rachel thinks that the best care is given when the patient and provider team together to achieve common, realistic goals. “I have always felt that a common sense of respect, acceptance of personal strengths and challenges, and quality listening yield the best health outcomes for my patients. Most importantly, by creating these interactions, an intimate and honest relationship can be fostered.” In her free time, Rachel enjoys trying new types of cuisine. She also loves traveling and exploring new places plus spending time with her husband and English bulldog Bella.

Shaina LaBonte, NP

Master of Science: MCPHS University

Nurse Practitioner

Like many nurse practitioners, Shaina first started her career in medicine as a registered nurse. Back when she was working as an RN at a large teaching hospital, she marveled at the growth of the interns as they progressed through their residency. “One day, I said to myself, ‘Why can’t I do what they’re doing?’ Going to medical school didn’t seem to fit into my life at that point, but working alongside nurse practitioners and physician assistants made me realize that they were just as competent and experienced as doctors were. It was then I made the decision to become an advanced practitioner so I could continue to help patients and families in a more advanced role.”

Shaina is board-certified in Family Medicine and has a strong interest and background in Emergency Medicine, which is a great asset to her at ReadyMED. “Having an FNP degree has allowed me to assess, diagnose, and treat patients of all ages and stages of life,” she explains. “In addition, working in emergency medicine and urgent care has allowed me to deal with almost every type of patient problem and perform procedures in a quick, fast-paced environment.”

When treating her patients, Shaina never forgets that she is caring for someone’s loved one. “I always make a point to treat every patient with the kind of respect and care I would want for my own family and friends,” she explains. “Medicine is both an art and a science. Time and experience have shaped what we know as the medicine of today. They help to guide us in the right direction when caring for patients. But, dealing with people who are vulnerable and coming to you in a time of need requires empathy, listening, and support that must be tailored to each individual.”

In her spare time Shaina enjoys being outdoors, hiking, traveling, yoga, and experiencing life through the eyes of her two amazing daughters.

Hoang Trinh, PA

Master of Physician Assistant: Bay Path University

Physician Assistant

A graduate of the University of Connecticut and Bay Path University, Hoang has been practicing as a physician assistant since 2015.

Hoang became interested in becoming a physician assistant during his undergraduate years when he explored the medical field and had the opportunity to shadow a physician assistant (PA). “I admired the respect they received from collaborating physicians, other members of the healthcare team and patients in their communities,” he explains. “Now as a practicing PA, I really appreciate the flexibility to work in different fields of medicine and make impactful positive changes for an individual’s health. In medicine, you truly never stop learning and I have been fortunate to experience that now first hand as a physician assistant.”

Hoang enjoys the challenge of working at ReadyMED, treating many different problems each day. “I believe coming to ReadyMED can save people an unnecessary trip to the ER and help catch an illness before it worsens to the point of hospitalization,” he explains. “I think patients really appreciate the care they receive at ReadyMED.”

Hoang believes the patient is a vital part of the healthcare team. “I think the best outcomes are achieved when everyone listens, understands, and works together. I also enjoy educating patients in the community about taking charge of their preventative health, so they can work to optimize their health as they age.”

In his spare time Hoang enjoys rock climbing, running, hiking, exploring the arts, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Dr. Linda Ciu

Doctorate: University of Tirana
Residency: Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center & UMASS Memorial Medical Center


Growing up in Albania, Dr. Linda Ciu’s parents always had a lot of respect for physicians. “My parents weren’t doctors but they always revered physicians and saw medicine as an important profession. I think that influenced me to become a doctor,” she explains. “Now I enjoy helping others using my medical skills and my daughter is also a physician.”

Dr. Ciu spent many years as a pediatrician before becoming a full-time urgent care physician. “I enjoyed helping families with their different needs. Over time, you can become very close. Working with families is a unique part of medicine because parents trust you with the most precious thing they have – their children.”

Although Dr. Ciu spent much of her career as a pediatrician, she enjoys the fast pace of working at ReadyMED. “Urgent care is a unique way to practice because you have to make important decisions about plans of treatment or accessing the gravity of the situation in a short amount of time,” she explains. “When you walk in the door to the exam room you never know what you will see.”

Dr. Ciu really strives to bring the warmth and caring that she fostered in primary care to her work at ReadyMED. “I want to make people as comfortable as possible when they visit. I like the fact that in urgent care you can help people immediately and put them at ease.”

In her spare time, Dr. Ciu enjoys working in the yard, being with friends, and traveling. She also enjoys exercising to stay in shape, including aerobics.

Dr. Margaret McCahan

Doctorate: UMass Medical School
Internship & Residency: UMass Memorial Medical Center


Dr. Margaret McCahan has worked in both pediatrics and urgent care during her career. Now she enjoys caring for patients at ReadyMED PLUS, one of Reliant’s urgent care offices. “I’ve always enjoyed working in urgent care,” she explains. “You never know what you’ll be treating so you always have to be on your toes. Plus I love the fact that it allows me to use my pediatrics background when I practice.”

Dr. McCahan likes the fact that Reliant’s urgent care facilities can treat so many different conditions and help people avoid going to the emergency room when it’s not necessary. “Both parents often work these days and having urgent care available at a moment’s notice when a child is sick can really make a difference,” she explains. “Parents can also avoid the long wait times that occur when they go to the emergency room. I also like the fact that seeing patients at ReadyMED I have an opportunity to encourage people to visit their primary care doctor to better manage their problems and take their medications.”

In her work Dr. McCahan says that she strives to build a relationship with all the patients that she treats. “Although I may not see the patient that often, I still think you can bond with them and start building a relationship. And if I am treating a child, I strive to establish a good relationship with the parents too, as that’s very important.”

According to Dr. McCahan, electronic medical records have made care a lot easier. “You not only have your patient’s health history and other key information at your fingertips but you can also send a note to their primary care provider telling them how you treated their problem…it’s really a great asset.”

When she is not busy seeing patients, Dr. McCahan enjoys family time with her husband and three sons. She also likes yoga, going to concerts and the theatre, and being outdoors with her Labradoodle. Dr. McCahan also enjoys traveling when she can find the time, and recently visited Ireland with her family.

Dr. Moshina Alom

Medical Education: Umdnj-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Internship & Residency: UMass Memorial Medical Center


After teaching algebra for a while after college, Dr. Mohsina Alom realized more than ever that medicine was the career for her. “The main reason I went into pediatrics is that I love working with kids,” she explains. “Teaching helped me realize that it would be great to help kids in a different ways, which is why I decided to go to medical school and become a pediatrician.”

In her work, Dr. Alom always makes a point to understand the patient’s point of view. “I think empathy goes a long way when working with patients and that really helps them open up to you. I think the fact that here we really listen to our patients is one reason our patients come back to us and why they appreciate us so much.”

Dr. Alom works in Pediatric Urgent Care, which provides services to patients after-hours and on weekends. When she sees a patient, it is often for the first time. This is one of the reasons she enjoys using Reliant Medical Group’s electronic medical record (EMR) so much. “Being able to access a patient’s medical record instantly really assists us in so many ways. Because of the EMR, I have access to the patient’s full chart, and that really helps with diagnosis.”

One of the issues that Dr. Alom and other physicians deal with is the fact that patients often want to make their own diagnosis using information that they have found on the Internet. “It’s great that patients feel empowered to do research but there is so much information out there that you can easily come across inaccurate information, so in many ways it is a double-edge sword. As a doctor, I try to make sure my patients are as informed as possible about everything that is affecting their health.”

In her free time Dr. Alom is an avid traveler and enjoys taking trips to New York and New Jersey as well as Virginia Beach and other areas. Dr. Alom also enjoys cooking and baking and trying out new recipes.

Dr. Masooma Rehmtulla

Saint Vincent Hospital

Bachelor of Surgery: 
Maharashtra Institute of Medical Education and Research


As the child of a dermatologist and a pediatrician, Dr. Masooma Rehmtulla couldn’t help but learn about the medical field when growing up. “As a young girl I grew up listening to conversations at the dinner table about medicine. My parents discussed how they helped their patients each day and that was very inspiring to me,” she explains. “That helped me make the decision to pursue medicine and become a physician.”

After graduating from her Internal Medicine residency, Dr. Rehmtulla practiced as a primary care physician for four years. “As a primary care physician, I had an opportunity to manage chronic as well as acute medical issues. Taking care of the urgent care needs of my patients was highly gratifying for me, and hence I decided to shift my focus and leverage my expertise towards an urgent care position in an out-patient setting.”

Dr. Rehmtulla began treating patients at ReadyMED, Reliant’s urgent care clinic, in 2019. “I think you can have one encounter with a patient and have a good relationship. You may or may not see them again, but that good rapport you established at the first visit is still really important.”

When she is not busy helping patients Dr. Rehmtulla enjoys getting out and traveling the world. “I absolutely have wanderlust,” she explains. In the past year, my husband and I have traveled to many beautiful places. “I love to explore different cultures and cuisines.”

Elyssa Pellish, MD

Elyssa Pellish, MD

Residency: Brown University
 UMass Medical School
Bachelor of Arts: Yale University


Dr. Elyssa Pellish worked as an emergency room physician for many years and now uses her experience to help patients at ReadyMED Plus in Worcester.

“I like the fact that ReadyMED Plus can handle such a wide range of care issues and allows me the opportunity to help people feel immediately better,” she explains. “Plus working here I have immediate access to blood work and CT scans. I can also refer patients to other Reliant specialists if they need them.”

Dr. Pellish always makes a point to get to know her patients and look at all of their care issues. “I try to care for the whole patient even though they may have visited for one specific complaint. I will look at diet, nutrition and physical activity, for instance, since so many things can figure into a diagnosis.” Dr. Pellish is very comfortable doing minor procedures in the office to help patients including closing lacerations, incision and drainage, fracture care and splint placement.

Working at ReadyMED, Dr. Pellish says that she truly enjoys making connections with her patients. “When you really connect with someone and are able to help them it’s very satisfying…it makes all the hard work worthwhile.”

When she is not busy helping patients, Dr. Pellish enjoys hiking, running, reading and being outdoors as much as possible. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Dr. Michelle Whitham

Dr. Michelle Whitham

Medical School: University of California San Francisco
Internship/Residency: UMass Memorial Medical Center


Dr. Michelle Whitham was inspired to pursue a career in pediatrics by her grandmother, who was a pediatrician. After graduating from college and working in market research consulting, she decided to follow her passion for science and caring for children and become a physician.

Dr. Whitham believes that being a mother herself helps her be a better pediatrician. “Being the mother of three children really has a benefit,” she explains. “I’ve taken care of sick and crying kids of my own, and I think that helps me talk a child through being scared or sick, and also build a rapport quickly with their parents.”

In her role as a pediatrician, Dr. Whitham knows that parents only want what’s best for their children. “I try to treat every child like they were a member of my own family. In fact, I will often say, ‘here are the options … and here’s what I would do in this situation.’ ”

Dr. Whitham enjoys the challenge of working in Pediatric Urgent Care. “It’s always interesting coming to work each day and there’s never a dull moment. Everyone here in the department is very dedicated and enthusiastic, and I think that helps make a difference for the patients.”

In her spare time Dr. Whitham enjoys cooking for her family, especially trying out different regional recipes. She also enjoys watching her children’s sporting events and spending time with her husband and two dogs.

Dr. Peter Murphy

Dr. Peter Murphy

Medical School: University of Louisville
Internship/Residency: Children’s Hospital of Buffalo
Fellowship: UMass Memorial Medical Center


For Dr. Peter Murphy, it was some classes back in high school that opened up his eyes to a career in medicine. “The first time I ever really enjoyed something academically was studying the biological sciences in high school,” he explains. “I had people in my family who were nurses, but no doctors. I could tell that working in a lab or at a desk wasn’t for me. So the field of medicine, with its ability to help others, seemed like a great choice.”

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Murphy started his career in pediatrics. When he was around 40 years old, he moved his family to Indonesia so he and his wife could work in a health clinic. “There was an enormous need for medical care there, including a high infant mortality rate and other problems. We thought we would stay forever, but it didn’t work out that way. However, it was an amazing experience that I will always remember.”

One of the things that Dr. Murphy truly enjoys about his job is interacting each day with patients. “I love being a pediatrician because of the families you meet. It’s very gratifying when they come in concerned about something and you can reassure them. People are obviously very worried when their children are sick, so we really strive to not only do a great job with the medical care, but also let them know their kids are in good hands. Everyone here is very good at caring for people and it really shows.”

In his spare time Dr. Murphy enjoys outdoor sports such as hiking and climbing, as well as going birding with his wife. “We like to kayak, bike ride, and go camping. We’ve camped from the White Mountains to Mt. Desert Island and have kayaked all over Massachusetts.” Dr. Murphy also enjoys teaching and is a pediatric advanced life support instructor as well as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at UMass.

Anna Olivo, FNP

Anna Olivo, FNP

Master of Science: MCPHS University
Bachelor of Science: 
Southern New Hampshire University

Family Nurse Practitioner

Inna Hubert, PA-C

Inna Hubert, PA-C

Master of Physician Assistant Studies: MCPHS University
Bachelor of Science: MCPHS University

Physician Assistant

A graduate of MCPHS University, Inna has been a practicing physician assistant since 2011. She became an advanced practitioner because she loves medicine, learning about the human body, and working as part of the team to help patients.

Inna believes strongly in educating each patient about their condition. “I feel that if patients understand everything that is happening and what is wrong with them, they are more likely to follow the treatment guidelines of the provider,” she explains. Inna also works hard to help patients understand how their lifestyle can impact their overall health. “I feel that simple lifestyle changes can greatly improve a patient’s medical condition and always encourage patients to make changes when they are appropriate.”

When she is not busy helping patients, Inna enjoys spending time with family, reading, and traveling as much as possible.

Jeffrey Ayotte, FNP-BC

Jeffrey Ayotte, FNP-BC

Master of Science: Simmons College
Bachelor of Arts: Bridgewater State College

Family Nurse Practitioner

After a number of years in the medical field Jeffrey Ayotte became a family nurse practitioner in 2011. “Working as a family nurse practitioner allows me to see people of almost any age, from infants to the elderly,” he explains. “I really enjoy the variety of practicing in an urgent care setting and being able to diagnose and treat a wide variety of people and conditions. I also really love the team environment here.” When he is not busy at ReadyMED Jeffrey enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends. He also loves golf, traveling, hiking with his dogs, plus running and other outdoor activities.

Megan Mooskian, NP

Megan Mooskian, NP

Master of Science: MCPHS University
Bachelor of Science: Framingham State University
Associates Degree: Becker College

Nurse Practitioner

A graduate of Becker College, Framingham State University and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Megan worked as an acute care nurse for eight years before becoming an advanced practitioner. She enjoys the higher level of autonomy it provides and being able to implement education and preventative care with her patients across their lifespan. Megan is a strong believer in developing a good rapport with her patients and encouraging them to make healthy choices in their life. She also enjoys listening to their concerns and integrating thoughtful teaching regarding their diagnosis along with optimal treatment. When she is not busy with her patients, Megan enjoys spending lots of time with her family, including activities such as working out, sports, trips to the beach, crafts and being with friends and family.

Dr. Callie Stone, Chief of Pediatric Same Day Services

Dr. Callie Stone

Residency: University of Massachusetts Medical School
M.D.: University of Massachusetts Medical School
Bachelor of Science: University of Massachusetts Amherst


Dr. Callie Stone truly enjoys being a pediatrician and helping patients with their urgent care needs. “I feel that urgent care is a great way to practice medicine. I really like the variety of patients and never really knowing what you are going to treat next,” she explains. “Every day is interesting when you work in urgent care.”

Some of the common problems that Dr. Stone treats include sore throats, colds and fever, urinary tract infections, and simple lacerations and fractures. No matter what the problem is, she truly enjoys interacting with her young patients. “It’s fun taking care of kids in general, and its especially rewarding for me to have a sick kid come in, be able to give some advice to them and the family, and then see them get healthier – it’s always great to make a difference in that way.”

One of things that Dr. Stone has noticed is that she is treating more kids for mental-health issues now. “Oftentimes kids and teenagers don’t outwardly say, ‘I’m stressed’ or ‘I’m depressed.’ A lot of times they come in complaining about headaches, backaches, or a change in their appetite, and you have to delve into the symptoms a little bit more to realize that maybe the problem is not something physical but something mental-health related.”

No matter where she is working at Reliant, Dr. Stone enjoys the ability to utilize an electronic medical record when treating patients. “Having access to electronic medical records is really great. It makes it easy to keep track of patients no matter which provider they are seeing – whether it’s urgent care, primary care, or a specialist. It’s great to have all that information at your fingertips and have it available at a moment’s notice.”

When she is not busy helping patients Dr. Stone enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, which were both adopted from a shelter. She also likes to go bike riding and hiking, as well as traveling to Europe, the Caribbean and places closer to home.

Ryan Hester, PA-C

Ryan Hester, PA-C

Bachelor of Science: Westfield State University
Master of Physician Assistant Studies: Bay Path University

Physician Assistant

A graduate of Westfield State College and Bay Path University, Ryan worked as an EMT for a number of years before becoming a Physician Assistant (PA). Coming from a medical family, Ryan says it wasn’t surprising that he choose healthcare for a career. “I have always been involved in the medical field and seeing what my stepmother was able to do as a PA drove me to do the same,” he explains. Ryan chose to work in Urgent Care because he enjoys the wide variety of concerns he gets to treat. “I enjoy the fast-paced environment of Urgent Care which allows me to use my different skills helping patients each day.” In his spare time Ryan enjoys watching sports, working out at the gym, playing with his favorite pets, and spending time with friends and family.

Jennifer Markey, NP

Jennifer Markey, NP

Master of Science
University of Massachusetts Worcester Graduate School of Nursing
Bachelor of Science
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Nurse Practitioner

A graduate of UMass Amherst and UMass Worcester, Jennifer is a highly experienced nurse practitioner, and has cared for adults, children and pregnant women. Jennifer’s area of expertise is family practice medicine. “I chose family practice because I wanted to be able to care for whoever walked in the door whether they are a week old or 90 years old,” she explains. “I like the variety of patients I see in family practice and I know my experience will be a great asset working in an urgent care environment.” Jennifer is a big believer in listening to, educating, and empowering her patients. “I approach caring for patients as a team effort. I am a member of the team and together with the patient we make treatment decisions that work best for the patient and their needs. No one likes being sick, that’s why I love being able to make a difference in patient’s lives by helping them get back to being themselves again and resuming their everyday activities.” In her spare time Jennifer enjoys traveling with her husband and being with family and friends. She also likes to play volleyball, cook, and find new wines to enjoy.