Pamela Kutzer, NP

Doctor of Nursing Practice:
UMass Medical School
Master of Science:
Widener University
Bachelor of Science:
York College of PA


Pamela worked as a registered nurse for 17 years before deciding to become a nurse practitioner. “My love of medicine coupled with a desire to be able to provide a higher level of care was what made me decide to become an advanced practitioner,” she explains. Pamela says she loves working with a diverse population of patients and treating a wide range of problems. “Treating patients in emergent situations requires one to establish rapport quickly, determine the likely cause of symptoms and also the appropriate level of care quickly. It’s always a challenge, but I really enjoy the art and science of medicine.”

In her work Pamela strives to be patient and understanding and bring the most effective and timely care to her patients. “People are complex. No one comes to a medical provider with just a sore throat or just chest pain. They come with what is happening to them at home, at work, and in their social lives. They are affected by so many things, whether it be physical or emotional. Embracing this is a crucial part of diagnosis and the development of a treatment plan that is best for the patient.” In her spare time Pamela enjoys exercising, learning new things (including physics), riding horses, playing with her dogs, plus traveling and reading when she has the time.

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