Nancy J. Shaffer, NP

Nancy Shaffer, ReadyMED, Central MA

Bachelor of Science:
Drexel University
Master of Science:
Drexel University

Nurse Practitioner

A graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia, Nancy Shaffer worked for over six years as a registered nurse before receiving her post-graduate certificate for Family Nurse Practitioner in 2014 from University of Massachusetts Boston. As a Nurse Practitioner, Nancy hopes to make a broader contribution to the field of nursing, and is excited by the challenge of keeping up with the constant advances in medicine. “I hope to always remain flexible in my mode of approach and stay as educated as possible,” she explains. In her spare time, Nancy likes reading science fiction, baking, camping, hiking, and playing board games.

Dr. Callie Stone


Residency: University of Massachusetts Medical School
M.D.: University of Massachusetts Medical School
Bachelor of Science: University of Massachusetts Amherst


Dr. Callie Stone truly enjoys being a pediatrician and helping patients with their urgent care needs. “I feel that urgent care is a great way to practice medicine. I really like the variety of patients and never really knowing what you are going to treat next,” she explains. “Every day is interesting when you work in urgent care.”

Some of the common problems that Dr. Stone treats include sore throats, colds and fever, urinary tract infections, and simple lacerations and fractures. No matter what the problem is, she truly enjoys interacting with her young patients. “It’s fun taking care of kids in general, and its especially rewarding for me to have a sick kid come in, be able to give some advice to them and the family, and then see them get healthier – it’s always great to make a difference in that way.”

One of things that Dr. Stone has noticed is that she is treating more kids for mental-health issues now. “Oftentimes kids and teenagers don’t outwardly say, ‘I’m stressed’ or ‘I’m depressed.’ A lot of times they come in complaining about headaches, backaches, or a change in their appetite, and you have to delve into the symptoms a little bit more to realize that maybe the problem is not something physical but something mental-health related.”

No matter where she is working at Reliant, Dr. Stone enjoys the ability to utilize an electronic medical record when treating patients. “Having access to electronic medical records is really great. It makes it easy to keep track of patients no matter which provider they are seeing – whether it’s urgent care, primary care, or a specialist. It’s great to have all that information at your fingertips and have it available at a moment’s notice.”

When she is not busy helping patients Dr. Stone enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, which were both adopted from a shelter. She also likes to go bike riding and hiking, as well as traveling to Europe, the Caribbean and places closer to home.

Dr. Jenny Temps

Dr. Jenny Temps, MD -ReadyMED PLUS Urgent Care

Medical Education:
Temple University School of Medicine
Albert Einstein College of Medicine


When she started medical school, Dr. Jenny Temps thought that she would never want to work in urgent care or emergency medicine. “However, I was ultimately drawn to this field because I like the variety,” she explains. “You get to see everyone, young patients, older patients, men, women…I really like the cross-section of care and the fast pace that urgent care provides.”

Dr. Temps also enjoys the challenges that practicing in urgent care offers. “You often don’t know the patient. So you really have to work hard to find out what’s going on in a limited amount of time. It’s a challenge, but one I really enjoy.”

Most of all, Dr. Temps enjoys interfacing with patients each day. “I love chatting with people, I love interacting with patients. I love hearing people’s stories and the insights they provide. It really gives you a window into somebody’s world. And when you can make a difference for that person, it’s really gratifying. That’s why I’m drawn to this area of medicine.”

One of reasons that Dr. Temps came to Reliant Medical Group and ReadyMED is that she enjoys using state-of-the-art tools like electronic medical records and electronic prescriptions. “These tools really do benefit patients. They help prevent errors, because the pharmacist doesn’t have to worry about a doctor’s handwriting. And if the pharmacist has a question about dosage, it’s much easier to contact the doctor. Plus with an electronic prescription you can’t lose it and your dog can’t eat it…”

When she is not busy helping patients, Dr. Temps enjoys being with her family. A resident of Harvard, she enjoys biking with her husband and daughter on the town’s back roads. She also enjoys reading and exercising at the YMCA. Dr. Temps and her family also enjoy traveling and have recently been to Europe and Costa Rica.

Dr. Michelle Whitham


Medical School: University of California San Francisco
Internship/Residency: UMass Memorial Medical Center


Dr. Michelle Whitham was inspired to pursue a career in pediatrics by her grandmother, who was a pediatrician. After graduating from college and working in market research consulting, she decided to follow her passion for science and caring for children and become a physician.

Dr. Whitham believes that being a mother herself helps her be a better pediatrician. “Being the mother of three children really has a benefit,” she explains. “I’ve taken care of sick and crying kids of my own, and I think that helps me talk a child through being scared or sick, and also build a rapport quickly with their parents.”

In her role as a pediatrician, Dr. Whitham knows that parents only want what’s best for their children. “I try to treat every child like they were a member of my own family. In fact, I will often say, ‘here are the options … and here’s what I would do in this situation.’ ”

Dr. Whitham enjoys the challenge of working in Pediatric Urgent Care. “It’s always interesting coming to work each day and there’s never a dull moment. Everyone here in the department is very dedicated and enthusiastic, and I think that helps make a difference for the patients.”

In her spare time Dr. Whitham enjoys cooking for her family, especially trying out different regional recipes. She also enjoys watching her children’s sporting events and spending time with her husband and two dogs.