Dr. Michelle Whitham

Dr. Michelle Whitham

Medical School: University of California San Francisco
Internship/Residency: UMass Memorial Medical Center


Dr. Michelle Whitham was inspired to pursue a career in pediatrics by her grandmother, who was a pediatrician. After graduating from college and working in market research consulting, she decided to follow her passion for science and caring for children and become a physician.

Dr. Whitham believes that being a mother herself helps her be a better pediatrician. “Being the mother of three children really has a benefit,” she explains. “I’ve taken care of sick and crying kids of my own, and I think that helps me talk a child through being scared or sick, and also build a rapport quickly with their parents.”

In her role as a pediatrician, Dr. Whitham knows that parents only want what’s best for their children. “I try to treat every child like they were a member of my own family. In fact, I will often say, ‘here are the options … and here’s what I would do in this situation.’ ”

Dr. Whitham enjoys the challenge of working in Pediatric Urgent Care. “It’s always interesting coming to work each day and there’s never a dull moment. Everyone here in the department is very dedicated and enthusiastic, and I think that helps make a difference for the patients.”

In her spare time Dr. Whitham enjoys cooking for her family, especially trying out different regional recipes. She also enjoys watching her children’s sporting events and spending time with her husband and two dogs.

Dr. Matthew Wiese

Dr. Matthew Wiese

Residency: University of Massachusetts University Hospital
Doctorate: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Bachelor of Arts: Holy Cross University



Although he is a physician now at Reliant Medical Group, Dr. Matthew Wiese’s career almost went in a different direction. “Initially after college I was going back and forth between being a veterinarian and a pediatrician,” he explains. “I think I chose to become a doctor because a lot of my free time in high school was involved with kids including coaching and volunteering. So it seemed natural to continue working with young people which is why I eventually did my residency in pediatrics.”

One of the reasons that Dr. Matthew Wiese decided to enter medicine is because he likes challenges. “When you are a medical student the cliché is that the things you learn on your first day of medical school will be outdated by the time you graduate four years later. I like the fact that as a doctor you always have to re-challenge yourself and deal with how things evolve and change in medicine.”

As a physician at ReadyMED Plus in Worcester, Dr. Wiese knows he has to be prepared for almost anything that walks through the door. “The unpredictability of urgent care medicine makes it a challenge to work in but also makes it fun and rewarding. You never know what kind of medical problem might walk through that door. Plus you do see patients across the spectrum of care which I enjoy.”

In his work with patients, Dr. Wiese tries to be as collaborative as possible. “If you really take the time to kind of emphasize that you are in this together and you have a give and take it makes it much easier to get on the same page about the things that you suggest. I think that the biggest thing is always being approachable with patients and working things through with them. I want all my patients to feel comfortable talking to me about things that affect their health.”

When he is not busy seeing patients, Dr. Wiese likes to enjoy outdoor activities with his wife and their dog Cara. Some of his favorite things to do include boating, skiing, and playing soccer.