Frequently Asked Questions About Wait Times

Your website noted a wait time but when I arrived and checked in, the wait time was different. Why?

Answer: The website displays an approximate wait time based on the number of patients signed in and waiting at any given time. Others may have arrived while you were on your way to the office.

Why am I waiting longer than what it said I should when I checked in?

Answer: Our medical providers and staff are committed to providing all our patients with the very best of care. This means that they will spend as much time as required with every patient (including you!). Some illnesses or injuries will be more time consuming than others, which may affect wait times. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

I’ve been here waiting and somebody just walked in and was seen before me. Why is this?

Answer: There can be a few reasons – when patients arrive with an emergent problem, they are assessed right away. Also, for patient convenience, when there are longer waits, people signing in are given the option to be paged when it gets close to their turn. You may be seeing someone who has been waiting longer than you and has now been paged to come back for their visit.

I had tests done – how do I get my results?

Answer: The medical provider you see will let you know when to expect results and how you will be notified. Typically, you are notified if your results are positive or if you need further treatment. If tests are negative, you are usually not notified. If you use MyChart, you can see your results online as well. You are always welcome to call us at (508) 595-2700 if you have any questions

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