Dr. Omar Alani

Medical Education:

University Of Damascus Faculty of Medicine


Woodhull Medical And Mental Health Center

Originally from Syria, Dr. Omar Alani began his medical career as an emergency room physician. He first came to America to begin a residency in Pediatrics. At ReadyMED, Dr. Alani concentrates on seeing children and young adults under the age of 26.

“Considering my medical interests, this is really a dream job for me,” he explains. “I have always liked treating children and adolescents. They usually recover from illness better because they are younger and have fewer health issues. Plus having my own children, I know what they go through when they are sick.”

Dr. Alani is a very “hands-on” physician and enjoys doing different procedures in the office such as suturing, casting, removing skin lesions and warts, and incision and draining. He always makes a point to work closely with the family of a child when making a diagnosis. “When you work in pediatrics, you need to connect with the parents as well as the child. It’s important to explain the problem and make sure that everyone is on track with the treatment plan.”

Dr. Alani says that seeing patients in a walk-in care facility is always more challenging than in a typical office. “In this type of setting, you need to make decisions very quickly. Fortunately, at ReadyMED we have a lot of great technology to help in diagnosis, and this makes it a lot easier for everyone.”

When Dr. Alani isn’t busy treating patients he enjoys being around his family and watching sports, especially soccer. He also loves reading history and literature. He and his wife also enjoy visiting local restaurants and being a part of the Arabic-speaking community in Worcester.

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