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Natick Office Opening This Summer

We are thrilled to announce our sixth ReadyMED office will be opening this summer in Natick! Our Natick office will be a ReadyMED Plus, offering a wide range of care for adults and children, including enhanced radiology services. The site will be open to both Reliant and non-Reliant patients for walk-in care, seven days a […]

Effective May 11th, Masks Will No Longer Be Required

This decision aligns with the lifting of the mask mandate by the Department of Public Health in Massachusetts and new CDC guidelines. However, if you have an active cough, you will need to wear a mask when visiting ReadyMED.

Hudson & Leominster Offer Orthopedic Care on Saturdays

Our ReadyMed locations in Hudson & Leominster offer Orthopedic walk-in care on Saturdays from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. Receive same day care by an Orthopedic Specialist for: fractures, musculoskeletal injuries, sports-related injuries, sudden back pain, sprains/strains, splinting/bracing, and more.

Virtual ReadyMED

Are you looking for a medical visit without having to drive to your doctor’s office? Care provided by Virtual ReadyMED is just a few clicks away using any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Patients 4 years or older who have a Reliant primary care provider can use this convenient, appointment-based service. Learn […]

Feeling Sick? Use Symptom Checker to learn about illnesses & care options.

Our new Symptom Checker is available 24/7 and helps educate you about your symptoms and possible care options. Symptom Checker is available through MyChart for Reliant Medical Group patients age 12 or older who have a Reliant primary care provider. Learn more here.

Tips for Managing Chronic Stress

One of our providers, Dr. Quang Le, gives ways to help reduce the effects of chronic stress in this video:

We’re Hiring!

Join our innovative healthcare team at ReadyMED. Learn more here.

Concerned About Coronavirus?

We are closely monitoring and adhering to guidance provided by the CDC and the Massachusetts DPH. Learn more.

How to Reduce the Effects of Chronic Stress

One of our providers, Dr. Quang Le, gives ways to help reduce the effects of chronic stress in this video:

Orthopedic Walk-In Care in Hudson

ReadyMED in Hudson (234 Washington Street) is now offering Orthopedic walk-in care, every Saturday from 9:00AM to 1:00PM. Receive immediate care by an Orthopedic Specialist

ReadyMED Does Not Offer Flu Shots

Please note that ReadyMED does not offer flu shots. Contact your doctor’s office to receive a flu shot. Thank you.

Walk-In Medical Care vs. ER – How to Make an Informed Choice

If you have ever experienced an emergency or an urgent health situation, like a broken bone, sprained ankle, serious cut or a sinus infection, you may have wondered where to go for treatment. When does it make sense to go to a hospital emergency room and when is it best to go to a walk-in […]

Chronic Stress Effects on the Body

One of our providers, Dr. Quang Le, discusses the effects that chronic stress can have on your body in the following video:

Stress: What You Need To Know Video

Dr. Quang Le helped us discuss the impacts of stress on your health in the following video:

Frequently Asked Questions About Wait Times

Your website noted a wait time but when I arrived and checked in, the wait time was different. Why? Answer: The website displays an approximate wait time based on the number of patients signed in and waiting at any given time. Others may have arrived while you were on your way to the office. Why […]

What to Expect at Your ReadyMED Visit

Getting Started First, check in at the self-service kiosks in the lobby. Make sure to answer all of the questions. Next, make yourself comfortable in our waiting room. We will call your name when it is time to get you ready to see the medical provider. Important Things to Know If you are having an […]

Medical Minute: Lyme Disease

Lisa Macknair, a PA in the Same Day Services Department, educates us on Lyme disease and how to protect yourself from deer ticks.

Medical Minute: Asthma

Family Nurse Practitioner, Tonya Bowzer, from ReadyMED in Milford discusses the causes and treatments of asthma.

Medical Minute: Influenza

Flu season is here! We visited Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer Rekrut, at our Auburn ReadyMED to learn about influenza and how to treat it. Watch the video above to see which symptoms you should watch for and what to do if you think you are coming down with the flu.

Need to run an errand while you wait? Cell phone paging now available!

When you arrive at ReadyMED to check in, simply enter your cell phone number into our kiosk and you will receive a text that prompts you to return to our facility shortly before we’re ready to see you.

Get care without leaving home!

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