Laura Shays, FNP

Medical Education:
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

A graduate of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Laura started her career as a registered nurse before becoming an advanced practitioner. Laura has always been drawn to medicine. “I enjoy being able to help people as well as listening to their stories,” she explains. “That’s what makes my job so enjoyable.”

Laura truly enjoys working with patients each day. “The patient is the reason I am in this profession. I work hard to uncover their problem and help them as much as I can. I enjoy being a medical detective, and coming up with a diagnosis after carefully listening to their symptoms.”

In her spare time, Laura enjoys gardening and helping things grow. Her home includes a vineyard, orchard and vegetable garden. She utilizes the produce she grows to make jam, sauces, salsa and wine. Laura also enjoys relaxing with her animals (including cats, chickens and a dog) as well as vacationing in the winter where it’s warm.

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