Rachel Katz, NP

Medical Education:
University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Nursing
Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Bachelor of Science

Ever since she was young, Rachel has been fascinated by medicine and passionate about caring for the sick. “As a young hospice volunteer, I found that providing care for patients and their families was very meaningful and fulfilling,” she explains. “I knew that becoming an advanced practitioner would be the right career for me, because I find the work fascinating and it allows me to help others. As an advanced practitioner, I can give patients the tools that they need to reach their healthcare goals.”

In her practice, Rachel likes to connect closely with her patients and is a strong believer in providing patient-centered care. “I strive to meet the needs of my patients. I use evidence-based practice to achieve safe and effective care. What I like most about my job is helping my patients improve their quality of life by working with them to create individualized care plans.”

In her spare time, Rachel enjoys growing plants, baking, hiking, camping, and traveling with her husband.

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